The Song of Adam

by Kathy Curry aka “Mom” 

img_2114The essence of Adam was love.

I wonder. . .

Perhaps that was his purpose, his song all along.

He just struggled to believe the song that was inside.

But oh how it showed each year he belonged.
When you stare in the face of a child
You cannot help but be blind.
What you see is what you feel and
It is pure love and joy, qualities of God
or the life force or whatever you know.

So let me tell you the story of a child named Adam.
He arrived in August the year ’73
Two weeks later than I expected or cared!
Healthy and happy and oh so adored.
This is truly when I understood, absolute, total,
Unconditional love.

What a fun child who brought many kids home.
In addition to kids his compassion surrounded snakes and
Salamanders and puppies and kitties to name just a few;
And even a frog he saved from a gun.
Froggy was fine but not Adam’s hand.

Let’s talk about music and art.
They revealed themselves early and each played their part.
Piano was first. He learned to read music and he practiced his notes.
It was Eunice his teacher who helped him excel.
It was on to the saxophone that he loved so much more.
It was jazz in college he could not ignore.
Let’s not forget he was vocal as well and loved to sing and perform.

Then there was art for he always did draw.
It started with Transformers when very young and moved on from there.
He did faces and hands and still-lifes galore.
In college he found clay and combined it with music
To make drums so creative and artistic and more.

He met many artists along the way.
He helped produce Clayfest in Colorado of course.
This was the home of Wicca and all things quite different.
He fit right in!

It was here artists performed to make interesting things, some tall, some short, some fun some funny. All this for prizes they won when done!
Clay things were attached to trees or other things just on a lark.
Kids and adults were introduced to this art
and all were allowed to play and create right there in the park.

My only regret is I never got to do pot throwing with him at my side.
The trick of this contest: two persons, one pot.
Each of us only one hand was allotted!
Clearly he knew this talent not mine
but oh how I wanted to try!

It was summer 97 to Colorado he came.
He was without work and a college degree in his hand.
I promised a job so he landed with me.
He came with his cat and his iguana as well.
Oh we had fun discovering the trails.
Much hiking and skiing for a time we did have.

.A Star Wars Wedding did occur
In a galaxy not far away
It was called Divide
In the year 2005
Where the Jedi Council and Laura’s father did consult
And did allow this union of Laura and Adam to be!
Many friends came to celebrate and cheer
These two so loved and adored and dear.

He tried several things to develop and use the artistic talents he so longed to prove.
Working for mom was not long in his sights.
His crowning delight was his time with
The Olympics – Graphic Design Manager was his fate.
He spent 6 weeks in Beijing in 2008.
His design for the USA House was totally cool.
Used by the athletes and sponsors and friends and oh did they drool.
Of this accomplishment he did say:
“I’ve never been more proud of a project before or since.”

His own company he formed, Gas Giant Design.
Many a graphic he did create
and so to some websites ever so fine.
He taught graphic design at a local college and
Helped launch others into this line.

As we bid our farewells and say our goodbyes
I wish you to know what a good man he was
He was gentle and kind and compassionate beyond words.
He was smart and so talented and many gifts he did bring.
But alcohol grabbed him and got him when he was quite young.
No, he was not lazy and he did not lack drive.
This disease did entrap him, his brain it attacked.
For it robs and steals all that naturally feels good.

We’ve lost a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin and a husband and friend.
Would that he knew all the Good that he was.
Would that he could have just one last do over.
How surreal this does feel to read all these words.
But lucky we feel to have known this fine man and to witness
The friends that came to his side.
I remember your names and your faces besides.
He was well loved
And his disease he did hide.

So let us remember the man we call Adam
His song is still singing
If we listen we’ll know
His love is still showing
Just look all around.
He gave what he could for as long as he could.

Now it us, who must carry his song.
Let’s not let alcohol kill yet another.
Love them and lead them
Let’s hope all will see the damage it does
To me and to thee.

“Go Forth and Prosper” Adam might say
Or perhaps it would be, “Do or do not,, there is no try”!\


Thank you, Kathy …

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